Blue Swirls Aqua Blue Stone Non Slip Bath Mat

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Designed & Printed in Britain

Touch dry in 60 seconds

Anti-mould, anti-bacterial & hygienic

Discover the epitome of style and safety with our exquisite Blue Swirls Aqua Blue Stone Non-Slip Bath Mat. Meticulously designed to elevate your bathroom decor, this bath mat seamlessly combines the allure of aqua blue stone with captivating blue swirls, creating a visual masterpiece that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

Crafted to perfection, this Bath Mat showcases a mesmerizing swirl pattern in shades of blue, reminiscent of gentle waves caressing the shore. This design not only exudes tranquillity but also adds a touch of sophistication to your bathing space, transforming it into a haven of relaxation.

Unveiling a new dimension of hygiene, this bath mat is not just visually appealing but also equipped with anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties. Create a clean and healthy environment in your bathroom, knowing that this bath mat from Artsy Mats is your safeguard against unwanted germs.

Blue Swirls Aqua Blue Stone Non Slip Bath Mat Dimensions: 39 x 60cm (16 x 24″) approx.

Touch Dry In 60 Seconds

One of the most desirable benefits of our bath mats is that it is touch dry within 60 seconds, minimising the risk of slipping and damp. Not only is it 100% natural, it is anti-mould, anti-bacterial and odour free.


Easy To Clean & Money Saving

Not only will this bath mat save on energy and living costs, it is incredibly easy to care for and doesn’t have to be an everyday household consideration.

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To clean, apply a small amount of non-bleach cleaner on a cloth and wipe the mat, rinse the mat to remove any harsh detergents.


Stone Bath Mats

  • ✓ Quick dry technology
  • ✓ Slip resistant
  • ✓ Easy to clean
  • ✓ Long lasting
  • ✓ Hard wearing
  • ✓ Modern and sleek

Traditional Bath Mats

  • ✗ Harbours extra moisture
  • ✗ Long drying times
  • ✗ Leaves floor wet
  • ✗ Requires frequent washing
  • ✗ Needs replacing often
  • ✗ Can smell over time

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