Mitgebracht Doormat

80,000+ mats sold per year

$ 47.99

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Made from natural coconut

Natural anti-slip backing

Made in Britain

Reduced shedding

Durable design

Dirt removing

The Mitgebracht Doormat features a captivating design that adds a touch of elegance to your entrance. Its subtle beauty complements any decor, creating a welcoming atmosphere that reflects your hospitable nature.

Crafted with high-quality coir materials, this doormat is not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting. Its sturdy construction ensures it can withstand daily foot traffic while maintaining its allure.

Embrace the joy of hospitality and make your guests feel special with a Doormat from Artsy Mats.

Mitgebracht Doormat Dimensions – 60x40cm


Did you know that coir doormats are crafted from high quality, tufted coconut fibre? Our doormats are completely natural, long lasting and good for the planet. We use modern technology to ensure crystal clear prints and increased durability. Our team has developed this product over the years to be the most desirable doormat on the market. 


How To Care For Your Coir Doormat:

As our coir doormats are a natural product, you may notice some shedding through time. We advise that you regularly shake your doormat or vacuum it.

Please avoid getting your doormat wet and do not attempt to clean with cleaning products. We advise that you keep our doormats inside or in a well sheltered area as coir is very absorbent.


Artsy Mats Coir

  • ✓ High definition print
  • ✓ Reduced shedding
  • ✓ Natural rubber backing

Cheaper Competitor Coir

  • ✗ Low definition print with spray bleed
  • ✗ High shedding
  • ✗ Polyvinyl chloride backing