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    2023 Front Door Trends

    Front doors are often the first thing people see when they approach a home, making them an important design element.

    Here are a few of the current trends in front door design:

    Bold Colours: A trend that has been gaining popularity is using a bold and vibrant colour for the front door. This can be a great way to add a pop of colour to a neutral exterior, or to create a strong contrast with the surrounding walls.

    Natural Materials: Many homeowners are opting for natural materials such as wood or stone for their front doors. These materials can add warmth and texture to the exterior of a home, and can also be more sustainable options.

    Black Front Doors: Black front doors are a timeless classic that can add a touch of elegance to any home. They are a great option for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their home’s exterior.

    Glass Inserts: Another trend is incorporating glass inserts into the front door. This can add a sense of openness and light to the entryway, while also allowing natural light to filter into the home.

    Double Front doors: A growing trend is the use of double front doors. It gives a grand entrance and it’s perfect for large homes, or for homes that need to make a big impression.

    Smart Doors: With technology becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, it’s no surprise that it’s also making its way into front door design. Smart doors are becoming more popular, with features such as keyless entry, security cameras, and even facial recognition technology.

    Ultimately, the front door is the first point of contact between the exterior and interior of your home, so it’s essential to choose a design that reflects your personal style and enhances your home’s overall aesthetic.

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