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    All You Need To Know About Coir Doormats

    We have put together a small guide about coir doormats to answer some common questions we get asked about in regards to our doormats, we hope this helps you next time you are browsing through our website and are asking yourself these same questions.

    Curious about the water resistance of coir doormats and their shedding tendencies? Let’s uncover the facts and provide essential care tips to ensure your doormat stays in top shape.


    When deciding whether to place your doormat indoors or outdoors, you may wonder if it’s waterproof. Unfortunately, coir doormats are not waterproof. Crafted from natural fibres and backed with anti-slip PVC, prolonged exposure to heavy rain can accelerate wear and darken the mat’s color. To maximize its lifespan, it’s advisable to position your doormat indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area.


    Rumors about coir doormats shedding may have crossed your path, but let’s dispel those concerns. Coir doormats are constructed using natural coconut fibres glued onto a PVC backing. While some fibers may loosen, they typically shed in small quantities rather than clumps. Over time, shedding decreases as loose fibres naturally work their way out.

    To manage shedding, simply shake the doormat occasionally to loosen any loose fibers. Regular vacuuming or brushing will help remove stray hairs and prevent build-up, preserving the design and preventing any fading appearance. Following these quick cleaning tips will keep your doormat looking its best.


    Do coir doormats require washing? The answer is yes, but remember that they necessitate specific cleaning techniques and should not be placed in a washing machine. Here’s why:

    • Coir doormats are not waterproof.
    • They are too large for standard washing machines.
    • The tough bristly fibers are unsuitable for machine washing.
    • To clean your coir doormat effectively, consider the following factors: the time of year, weekly foot traffic, and the surrounding environment (especially if placed near a muddy entrance). For highly muddy areas, our Country Home collection is an ideal choice.

    For routine maintenance, vacuum your doormat whenever you clean the surrounding floor (preferably weekly). For a more thorough clean, follow a monthly cleaning schedule or as needed.

    Preservation Tips

    To extend the life of your doormat, keep these tips in mind:

    • Regularly shake or vacuum to remove loose coir tufts.
    • Brush or shake out any accumulated dirt on the mat’s surface.
    • Place your doormat indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area.
    • Consider replacing your doormat every 1-2 years for optimal performance.

    By following these care instructions, your coir doormat will maintain its beauty and functionality, welcoming guests with style while providing an effective dirt-trapping solution.

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