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    Are Coir Doormats for Indoors or Outdoors?

    This is a very common question we get asked here at Artsy Doormats. Many argue doormats are for outdoor purposes only but we are here to answer the most common question truthfully to ensure next time you’re looking to purchase one of our doormats, you will not need to ask yourself or Google this question again.

    Our doormats are made from natural coconut coir and then backed with an anti-slip PVC backing. We advise our doormats to be placed indoors or if you wish to place them outdoors, place them in a sheltered area. If the doormats are placed outside and left in bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain, this make the doormat wear faster as the coir is a natural fibre. When rain water is absorbed, the colour of the mat will darken.

    Our doormats help protect your floors from foot traffic, mud and dirt. We found more people who had their doormats inside, was more likely to have people using it when they entered. This is due to when they are placed outside, people don’t think to wipe their feet whilst waiting outside. Also, if people do wipe their feet before entering, will most commonly walk in wet foot prints onto your hallway floor. It defeats the object of a doormat if it is placed outside. We advise, to get the most out of doormat, place yours inside and let the doormat do the rest for cleaner floors in the future.

    To ensure you make the most of your Artsy Doormat, be sure to clean your doormat every other week. You can do this by brushing and vacuuming the loose coir tufts, you can also give it a quick shake to loosen the tufts and then hoover up. This will help preserve your doormat.

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