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    How To Care For Your Coir Doormat

    How to care for your Coir Doormat, the right way

    Maintaining a doormat isn’t rocket science but they do require a small bit of TLC just like any other piece in your home. Just because it’s a doormat doesn’t mean they don’t need caring for!

    I have put together a small guide about how to care for your Coir Doormat as soon as it arrives in its new home.

    How to care for your doormat when it arrives

    You might have just received your doormat and noticed a few loose fibres or heard coir doormats shed a lot. Well don’t worry about either of them statements because I am here to help you.

    When you receive your doormat you might notice a few loose fibres within the bag or on the mat, don’t worry these are very normal. All you need to do is shake off those loose fibres on the mat, followed by a deep brush over the next few days.

    This will help loosen up those loose coir fibres and ensure it doesn’t ruin showing off your gorgeous design. We advise you to do this within the first few days of having the mat to ensure the loose coir doesn’t keep building up which can often be mistaken for the design to be fading.

    Any issues please contact us we are always happy to help!

    How can doormats be cleaned?

    Once settled, doormats require minimal attention. Occasionally, touch it up.

    Expect people to wipe their feet, so give it a quick brush or use a vacuum weekly.

    How to take care of the shedding

    Our natural doormats shed minimally. Don’t worry, your hallway won’t be filled with coir or a bald mat!

    Shedding occurs within the first few days after purchase. It’s just loose fibres falling out.

    Rest assured, shedding won’t occur frequently or once loose fibres have fallen out.

    Can coir doormats be washed?

    A big NO

    Coir mats are a natural product and the design is sprayed with outdoor barn paint, this means taking a little extra care around water. Unfortunately this means our doormats can’t be placed into the washing machine or cleaned with any liquid.

    There are a few factors why coir doormats cannot be placed into the washing machine such as:

    • Coir doormats are not waterproof
    • They are too large to fit into a standard size washing machine
    • They are made from tough bristly fibres are completely unsuitable for the washing machine

    Artsy Mats Top Tips:

    • Shake or vacuum regularly to remove loose tufts of coir
    • Brush or shake out any dirt that’s lying on the mat
    • Place indoors or sheltered outdoors
    • Replace every 1-2 years
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