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    Say Yes To A Grey Doorway

    Go Grey

    Grey décor never goes out of style and goes with any colour imaginable so why wouldn’t you want a grey doorway?

    With all the bad weather recently we have all had we are all dreaming of spring. What a better way to kick start the new season than a refresh for your front door. With spring fast approaching why not up your front door game and go bold with grey!

    Grey is such a good colour to choose for a front door due to so many factors such as there are so many different shades to choose from when browsing for your perfect colour. Also grey makes your entrance look modern and will stand out when your guests arrive.

    I have put together a selection of ideas on how to style your grey doormat to have the ultimate grey doorway. I have included all my favourite designs included in the Artsy Grey Doormat collection plus my favourite hallways and front doors to match. If going full grey isn’t your thing, then I have put together lots of ways to tie into your current décor situation.

    Grey Shades

    Okay so you have chosen to go with a grey front door (of course) but you still need to pick the right shade for your home.

    I know what you are thinking, grey shades, you mean tell me there isn’t just one perfect grey colour? Yep that is correct. There are so many different shades of grey out there that it is so hard trying to choose the perfect one for your front door.

    You want to ensure you really are happy with the shade chosen as you will always be seeing the shade when you leave and come home. Try out a few first with some test pots and get a feel of the shades. You might prefer a darker moodier shade but realise this isn’t you at all once painted.

    I have rounded up various great shades of grey to choose for your front door this season. Colours so good, you might want to repaint your whole house with it!

    All paint colours have been linked to the relevant website.

    Our top picks from Dulux grey range:

    Shades from left to right: Gallant Grey / Goose Down / Pearl Grey 

    Our top picks from Farrow & Ball grey range:


    Shades from left to right: Elephant’s Breath / Cornforth White / Manor House Grey / Purbeck Stone 

    If these shades aren’t for you, you can find various gorgeous grey shades from Farrow & Ball here

    Don’t forget when painting a front door to use a weather shield coat over the base. This will help protect and shield it from bad weather conditions. This will be painted over the base once dry and you are happy with the result.

    Front Door Accessories

    Choosing accessories is always my favourite part in décor. It ties everything in nicely and really is the cherry on top of your hard work.

    You have your new front door colour so you need to accessorise it however there are a few factors to consider before buying. Always think about can they withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain and potential snow?

    Of course you can bring in your flower wreaths but you don’t want a door knocker going rusty after being outside in the dull British weather.

    There are so many ways to accessorise your front door, such as pretty door knockers, colourful wreaths and pots for those upcoming spring flowers and plants. You might want to step away from grey at this part before you go into a grey overload. Try opting for colours that match well with grey, you have so many different options because grey is such a netural colour. Why not try silver or bronze for your door accessories such as door knocker and letter box. Remember to think about the style of your home too!

    I have searched and found some amazing ways to really finish off your front door, here is my top favourite accessories for the season.

    Photo Credit and Product: Grace & Glory

    Photo Credit and Product: Ikea

    Photo Credit and Product: Not On The High Street

    Photo credit and product: Lights4fun

    Artsy Grey Doormat Collection

    We have a large range of doormats but our particular favourite category is our Grey collection. Our grey doormats have been part of the collection since 2017 and have been growing ever since. We have many favourites such as our leopard, welscribble and tree of life. If you keep up to date with us on Instagram you will be very familiar with theses designs and how stunning they look.

    Our grey doormats come in a range of greetings, quirky designs and novelty puns. All you have to do is choose your favourite one and let the doormat do the rest!

    Choose from over 20 unique designs and greetings to brighten up your doorstep, each mat is hand sprayed with the same paint as the black only in grey this time, so you don’t have to worry about it fading quicker!

    Here are some of our favourite designs to help your choice that little bit easier.

    Our grey doormats are available in circle and patio size as well.

    Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram using #artsydoormats.

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