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    Why You Need A Vinyl Mat

    A Mat That Enhances and Protects Your Home

    Our vinyl floormats are mats with a difference, they are completely different to our coir doormats and have a range of unique benefits.
    They are suitable for kitchens, hallways, and BBQ areas. How great are they sounding already? Patterned tiles have been a trend in kitchens around the world for sometime now, meaning our ’tile print’ vinyl mats have been a big hit.

    We have launched 11 different patterns so far, ranging from neural mosaic styles to floral. My favourite thing about these mats is that they blend in with your homes furnishings, they protect your floor whilst looking stylish and on trend. Wipe them clean and move them from room to room, they are very versatile.


    Capri Vinyl Floor Mat

    As you can see from the above image, the vinyl mats create an impact whilst blending in with modern surroundings. We have seen these mats placed in rooms of different styles and they only add to the rooms aesthetic.

    Will they fit into my home?

    Did you know they are available in four sizes? Ranging from 72x100cm to 100x147cm. As I’ve previously mentioned, they come in several patterns and we are sure there will be one to suit you. We have bright colours, neutrals and mixed patterns. We have added a none slip coating to these mats, meaning they will stay in place without sliding around the floor.

    Tip: only place these mats on top of a hard surface, such as laminate. They won’t stay in position as easily on carpet or grass.

    Leopard Vinyl Floor Mat

    Place Your Vinyl Outside

    Are you planning on hosting a garden party in the near future? As the weather improves, this may be on your agenda. Refresh the look of your garden and add a vinyl mat to a cosy corner, creating a social area or protect your floor in the BBQ area. Simply wipe the mat clean and move it inside to protect the rest of your living space.

    Left: Sicily Vinyl Mat in @hearts_at_claremont‘s kitchen.
    Right: Paxos Vinyl Mat in @homeonthegrove‘s home.

    I hope this blogpost has inspired you to make your next mat purchase, we would love to see them in your homes so don’t forget to use the hashtag #artsydoormats on Instagram or tag us! We may feature you on our page.

    Click here to view all of our Vinyl Floormat options, don’t hesitate to drop us an email if you have any questions. 

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