Lobster Hearts Doormat x Two Little Sprouts Design

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Recycled PVC

Dirt removing


Doesn't shed

Easy to clean

Made in Britain

Elevate your entrance with our Lobster Hearts Doormat x Two little sprouts design, created in collaboration with British designer Two little sprouts design & Artsy Mats. This exclusive mat boasts a distinctive print that adds personality to any doorway. Crafted from recycled PVC, it’s not only stylish but also eco-friendly. With its durable construction, this mat is built to last, while its non-shedding design and anti-slip backing ensure both practicality and safety. Make a statement at your doorstep with this unique and environmentally conscious mat.

Dirt Removing

Some doormats absorb dirt and weather can affect them over time, our team have found a way for these issues to no longer be a problem for your household. Our noodle mats can be kept inside or outside, hose them down when needed or even put them in the washing machine for a thorough clean.


Doesn’t Shed

Not only are they incredibly durable, weatherproof and available in hundreds of colourful designs – they’re made from recycled materials. As they’re made from recycled PVC, you won’t have to worry about shedding. The process makes for a long lasting, attractive doormat. *We do not recommend using the Noodle Mats outdoors in slippery/icy weather conditions.*


Easy To Clean

The Noodle Mats are very easy to care for, we recommend hosing them down when necessary. For tougher stains or dirt, use non-bleach detergent on a soft sponge and wipe the doormat until clean. If you choose to put your Noodle Mat in the washing machine, wash it separately on a 30 degree gentle cycle. Do not bleach, iron, tumble dry or dry clean.


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