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    How To Care For Your Coir Doormat

    How to care for your Coir Doormat, the right way

    Maintaining a doormat isn’t rocket science but they do require a small bit of TLC just like any other piece in your home. Just because it’s a doormat doesn’t mean they don’t need caring for!

    I have put together a small guide about how to care for your Coir Doormat as soon as it arrives in its new home.

    How to care for your doormat when it arrives

    You might have just received your doormat and noticed a few loose fibres or heard coir doormats shed a lot. Well don’t worry about either of them statements because I am here to help you.

    When you receive your doormat you might notice a few loose fibres within the bag or on the mat, don’t worry these are very normal. All you need to do is shake off those loose fibres on the mat, followed by a deep brush over the next few days.

    This will help loosen up those loose coir fibres and ensure it doesn’t ruin showing off your gorgeous design. We advise you to do this within the first few days of having the mat to ensure the loose coir doesn’t keep building up which can often be mistaken for the design to be fading.

    Any issues please contact us we are always happy to help!

    How can doormats be cleaned?

    Once settled, doormats require minimal attention. Occasionally, touch it up.

    Expect people to wipe their feet, so give it a quick brush or use a vacuum weekly.

    How to take care of the shedding

    Our natural doormats shed minimally. Don’t worry, your hallway won’t be filled with coir or a bald mat!

    Shedding occurs within the first few days after purchase. It’s just loose fibres falling out.

    Rest assured, shedding won’t occur frequently or once loose fibres have fallen out.

    Can coir doormats be washed?

    A big NO

    Coir mats are a natural product and the design is sprayed with outdoor barn paint, this means taking a little extra care around water. Unfortunately this means our doormats can’t be placed into the washing machine or cleaned with any liquid.

    There are a few factors why coir doormats cannot be placed into the washing machine such as:

    • Coir doormats are not waterproof
    • They are too large to fit into a standard size washing machine
    • They are made from tough bristly fibres are completely unsuitable for the washing machine

    Artsy Mats Top Tips:

    • Shake or vacuum regularly to remove loose tufts of coir
    • Brush or shake out any dirt that’s lying on the mat
    • Place indoors or sheltered outdoors
    • Replace every 1-2 years
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    15 Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall: Advice from the Experts

    Nothing says fall like a cosy, fun, and inviting front porch, but coming up with the perfect display can sometimes be tricky. You don’t want to overdo it with the décor, and you certainly don’t want to fall short. Luckily, we’ve asked experts, from around the world, to share their best front porch decorating ideas for fall so you can give your guests a festive welcome.

    Follow mother nature’s lead

    Let mother nature be your guide for mixing colours on your porch or front entry because she never gets it wrong. Pansies are a great fall flower with lots of mixed colours, and pick mums in three colours to coordinate. Hone in on one of those accent colours like yellow, burnt orange, or magenta for accent pillows or accessories. – Porch Daydreamer

    Utilize different heights, textures, and colours

    I always try to layer with different heights, textures, and colours for front porch decorating. This year, I decided to utilize my porch stairs and go for an Ombre effect with my pumpkins. I started with white pumpkins and transitioned down to orange. I added in mums and lanterns to bring in different textures. If you don’t have stairs, try utilizing a bench or stools to add in height and always look for a few pumpkins that could easily stack on to each other. – ChalkfullofLove

    Work outwards

    Fill the space around the door and work outward from there to the steps as you’re decorating the front porch. This gives it an eye-catching illusion of looking like you decorated more than you did. Start with a bright autumn wreath or garland on the door and add some taller accents around the door frame, like a fall sign or colourful garland. Add beautiful fall flowers in a pot at the base and then add lanterns or pumpkins of different sizes, colours, and shapes trailing down the steps. You can add Halloween décor and simply take out those spooky pieces on November 1st. – Lyfetymes

    Mix your styles

    When I decorate the front porch for Autumn I like to mix the traditional orange and red colours of fall with the softer green and white hues of fairy-tale and heirloom pumpkins to create a charming welcome for my guests. – Cottage on Bunker Hill

    Try a muted colour scheme

    To give your seasonal décor a more modern style, use lots of texture and a more muted color scheme like a chunky rust orange throw on the porch swing, plaid pillows mixed in on the swing in muted greens, and soft oranges instead of bright orange. Or, use dried hydrangeas in a gorgeous light green colour both in pots and on a wreath. Try to mix in lots of pumpkins in light green, soft orange, and white to continue the colour theme. Lastly, include a barn-wood sign that rounds out the texture “Fall Pumpkin Market”. – White Oak Farmhouse

    Incorporate a festive doormat

    If you are like many of us who can’t get enough and love the season of all things pumpkins, hedgehogs, and falling leaves, then an autumn doormat is perfect for you and your doorstep. Then, all you’ll need to do is add the pumpkins to your front porch decoration. – Artsy Doormats

    Non-traditional colour schemes

    One unique idea that I would suggest for decorating the front porch this fall is to go with a non-traditional colour scheme. Traditionally, orange pumpkins are used in front porch decorating, but pumpkins also come in blue, green, and white. Just using these colours alone without the oranges would work well for modern architectural homes, homes along the coast, or for anyone who is looking for a change in their fall style. – Plantation House Flowers

    Incorporate recycled plastic

    Utilize materials such as recycled plastic to achieve the desired look of a fall-ready porch. The look of recycled plastic mimics wood, which creates an earthy and cosy feel. Opt for recycled plastic over wood, as it does not fade, warp, or splinter, ensuring that it will last fall after fall. – Sunbrite Outdoor Furniture

    Mix in natural elements

    When it comes to decorating the front porch for fall, we like to keep it simple and natural. Pick 1-3 colours, and mix in natural elements (pumpkins, mums, grasses, etc) that all fall in that colour palette. And don’t forget to anchor your door with a wreath. – Alma Homes

    Use pumpkins, squash, and gourds to your advantage

    A colourful mix of unique varieties of pumpkins, squash, and decorative gourds highlights the beauty of the fall harvest and can take your fall porch display from generic to fantastic. Some of our favourites are Warty Goblin, Long Island Cheese, Golden Butta Bowl, and Blue Delight. When it’s time to swap your fall display for Christmas lights, you can eat the pumpkins and squash, they’re delicious! – Vala’s Pumpkin Patch

    Make use of your fall leaves

    Go out and collect the best and biggest leaves from your nearby parks, schools, and neighbourhoods. Bring them home and let them dry out and then place them strategically under or on your front porch decorations, in areas where they can’t be blown away by the wind. It’s the perfect natural look to complete your autumn porch style. – Canada Mats

    Get personal

    When getting a doormat many people will get one that can appeal to everyone like the general “Hello” or “Hi”. We’re telling you to put something on that speak to you. Add your own family name or quirky sayings from your favourite shows, books, or movies to your mat so when your own friends and family see it they get a feeling of you. – Coco Mats N More

    Consider compostable decoration

    I like to use natural items for fall front porch decorating because they’re easy to source locally and when the season is over, I can compost my decorations rather than take up valuable storage space. My favourite idea that I’ve seen recently is to add a spiral topiary frame to an empty planter and pile small pumpkins and gourds in various colours inside, weave in some bittersweet vines and green ivy, and add more pumpkins around the planter base. Simple, festive, and green. – Merriment Design

    Do the unexpected

    Instead of the normal warm autumn colour palette of oranges, reds and browns, consider using white pumpkins and a neutral coloured wreath for a different and more modern take on fall décor. Stairs are a great place to add pumpkins, candle lanterns and/or potted plants. I love using crates when decorating for fall because they’re so versatile. You can stack them, put pumpkins on them, fill them with garlands, or even set a scarecrow on top. –Black Cat Interiors

    Break the rules

    Let’s break the rules this year and bedazzle the neighbourhood with a unique front porch. We recommend an unusual colour scheme for autumn, all black and white with small orange accents. Instead of traditional pumpkins on the porch, use white-painted pumpkins or wooden pumpkin cut-outs. Place different-sized white pumpkins on either side of the porch accompanied by white mums in black pots. Add swing chairs with soft white blankets to warm you on chill autumn evenings. Get pillows with orange polka dots or zigzag patterns to add an accent colour to spruce up the design. As a final touch, hang a rustic wooden sign on the front door with a welcoming message displayed on it in white to go along the colour palette. – Lily Travis, Front Signs


    by Julia Weaver from Redfin

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    Are Coir Doormats for Indoors or Outdoors?

    This is a very common question we get asked here at Artsy Doormats. Many argue doormats are for outdoor purposes only but we are here to answer the most common question truthfully to ensure next time you’re looking to purchase one of our doormats, you will not need to ask yourself or Google this question again.

    Our doormats are made from natural coconut coir and then backed with an anti-slip PVC backing. We advise our doormats to be placed indoors or if you wish to place them outdoors, place them in a sheltered area. If the doormats are placed outside and left in bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain, this make the doormat wear faster as the coir is a natural fibre. When rain water is absorbed, the colour of the mat will darken.

    Our doormats help protect your floors from foot traffic, mud and dirt. We found more people who had their doormats inside, was more likely to have people using it when they entered. This is due to when they are placed outside, people don’t think to wipe their feet whilst waiting outside. Also, if people do wipe their feet before entering, will most commonly walk in wet foot prints onto your hallway floor. It defeats the object of a doormat if it is placed outside. We advise, to get the most out of doormat, place yours inside and let the doormat do the rest for cleaner floors in the future.

    To ensure you make the most of your Artsy Doormat, be sure to clean your doormat every other week. You can do this by brushing and vacuuming the loose coir tufts, you can also give it a quick shake to loosen the tufts and then hoover up. This will help preserve your doormat.

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